Why ready made smoked foods?

Smoking meats and vegetables isn't easy. Not everyone has the time, the gear, or the expertise. And not every pit-master always gets the best results.

Darling Fresh Smoke Haus brings easy, convenient, honest and delicious smoked foods to your meal, it’s your Ace up the sleeve!

Our products are for everyone who loves the flavours of honestly prepared foods, made quick and easy to deliver a remarkable result.

Great for the time-poor meal preparer that needs a good quick win, or is looking for that extra pop to the meal that makes people say ‘Wow!’

Flexitarians, Vegetarians and Vegans will love our delicious plant-based products.


Our Story

Darling Fresh Smoke Haus is owned and run by Jeff and Karen Schultheiss out of Toowoomba on the Queensland Darling Downs under Safe Food Queensland Accreditation 115896003.

"Both Food Techs, we’re big on delivering fantastic products that are wholesome and natural. We don’t need colours, flavours, preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, thickeners, gums, or acidity regulators to make things work or taste good."

Darling Fresh Smoke Haus was conceived when a friend of Jeff’s brought in a plate of his smoked products, in that moment their lives were forever changed. Jeff ordered a smoker, and from that time on has been working towards bringing that delicious smoked goodness to as many people as possible. 

"Darling Fresh Smoke Haus is another way we can bring our love of good-food-done-well to the many people who share our passion for wholesome, real, delicious foods."

Our Founder

Jeff grew up with a love of food helping his Dad in the family food company on weekends and in school holidays. Born in Switzerland and raised in his Family’s food processing plant in Sydney, he completed a Food Tech degree in 2000, did some cool stuff for Darrell Lea Chocolates, and then went on to work for Arnotts Biscuits in Brisbane. 

In 2005 Jeff returned to the family food business in Sydney, helping build the team and its remarkable growth trajectory. 

In 2011 he moved to Toowoomba, making ice-creams and then ready to eat salads, until 2019 when he started Darling Fresh Consulting to help deliver capability improvements to the Australian Food and Ag Industry.

Now in 2021 Jeff and his wife Karen have launched Darling Fresh Smoke Haus, to continue their love of feeding people. They can't wait for you to try it!


Our Process

Having grown up in a food business, and having worked for and consulted with many other food businesses, Jeff naturally went to work on systemising the smoking process and ironing out the variables. 

"We knew we didn’t want people to choke-on-the-smoke, preferring a subtle smoke that blends seamlessly with our all natural spices to deliver genuine flavour"

Most commercial ‘smoked’ products use liquid smoke, colours, flavours, preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, thickeners, gums, or acidity regulators. 

Darling Fresh Smoke Haus products don't contain any of that! Check out the ingredient lists; it’s good to know you’re eating natural, wholesome food.

Our products and processes are externally audited and accredited under our Safe Food Queensland Meat Processor licence #115896003

Jeff teamed up with a local commercial butcher and utilised a commercial smoker with delicious beechwood chips to reliably deliver tasty, honest products.

"Once this had been sorted out, we felt it was a good time to get serious about a Business venture!"

"With a way of smoking with real wood smoke, and reliably delivering honest, easy convenient pouches ready to serve in under 10minutes, we started market testing. The more people tried it and loved it, the more confident we became."

"We also developed some fantastic plant based products, and since there just isn’t much of that available, our flexitarian-vegetarian-vegan friends started getting really excited!"


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