Subscription FAQ

If you can't wait to receive your next DF Smoke Haus delivery and want to save yourself time and money? Why not give our new subscription options a try.

Just in case you have any questions, we've put together a list of the most frequently asked below...

Q. What are the delivery options for subscription?

A. We offer 2, 4 and 6 week' delivery options.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription if I have a change in circumstances? 

A. Yes, of course. You can cancel and reactivate your subscription at any time. 

Q. Are all products available on subscription or just the value boxes? 

A. Yes, you can include any of the products in our range, even mix and match i.e. Smoke Haus Family Box on fortnightly subscription and Beef Brisket 560g on weekly subscription. 

Q. What are the benefits on being on subscription?

A. Aside from saving time and money (5% discount on all subscription orders*) You don't even need to leave your home, or struggle with heavy bags at the supermarket, to impress your friends and family with our delicious meat and plant based options and recipe ideas.

Q. How do I access the customer portal once I've subscribed?

A. If you already have a customer account/login and you are logged in, once checkout is complete (including a subscription), you will be able to access the customer portal via your normal DF Smoke Haus customer login*. Once logged in, click the "Manage Subscriptions" link to access all of your subscription details. 

When a new customer checks out with a subscription in their cart, a profile will be created using the credentials supplied with the order. You will automatically receive an "Account Activation" email asking you to complete your profile, including password. Once you have created your password, you can login to your DF Smoke Haus customer account and access your subscription via the "Manage Subscriptions" link. 

*DF Smoke Haus Customer Login Page

Q. How do I manage my subscription? What if I need to update my delivery address?

A. All changes can be made via our customer portal. You can update your personal details, delivery & payment details, edit your delivery frequency and cancel your subscription here. 

Of course, if there's anything that we haven't covered, please reach out to one of our friendly team members, and they will be able to answer any other questions that you might have. 

Thanks and happy subscribing :)

The DF Smoke Haus Team

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*Terms and conditions apply - minimum order value $50