Delivery Locations

We deliver refrigerated Food packs to South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, from Toowoomba to the Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay and all in between! 

Our shelf-stable Seasonings and Sauces can be shipped Australia-wide.

Please check to see if your postcode is serviceable for the food packs via the postcode checker below.

Please note that we can delivery the shelf-stable Seasonings and Sauces all across Australia so these are not included in the postcode checker.

If we can’t deliver to your location, it’s due to the time taken to deliver from Toowoomba, QLD. We need to ensure the product gets there safely chilled, and unfortunately cannot get to everywhere in Australia.


Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are $15 per order.


Delivery Timing

We process and ship online orders weekly. Place your order before midday on Friday, and you will receive your order on either Tuesday or Wednesday the following week.


How it works?

We can only deliver to addresses that offer a safe, dry and shaded parcel storage location, and that agree that the parcel will be unpacked and its products placed into refrigeration within 8 hours of delivery. You can specify a secure area for the package when you place your order.

Placing an order indicates your agreement to these conditions of delivery, please refer to Terms & Conditions for more information. 

Minimum Order only $40! Order over $125 and get FREE SHIPPING  

Why $40? As the products need to remain refrigerated at all times, this value represents the minimum cold-mass we can ship, we want to avoid sending parcels of ice-packs with very small orders! 

We ship weekly, and depending on your location, delivery time once shipped is 1-3 days.

After picking your order we freeze your products before shipping to ensure they arrive at a safe temperature. Freezing does not affect product quality or performance, other than for mushrooms which are shipped wrapped and unfrozen.

We then pack your order in an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, insulated box, and deliver direct to your door via a refrigerated courier service.

Once your product arrives, it should be unpacked and the products placed in refrigeration within 8 hours.

If your products arrive partially frozen, please ensure they are fully defrosted prior to following the preparation instructions.

Delivery Notifications

After receiving your order confirmation, the night before the delivery day you will receive a text message regarding the delivery the following day, along with a tracking link.

Once your package has been delivered, you’ll receive another text message when the package has been delivered to your address. Out of courtesy, if your packaging is delivered in between 22:00 and 06:30, a Delivery notification text will not be sent.

Unpack and Enjoy your delicious Darling Fresh Smoke Haus products!


Our Insulated Packages

We use Planet Protector Packaging made from bio-degradable wool to keep the products cool on their way to your door.

These highly effective liners are made from re-purposed non-primary grade wool that is washed, scoured and felted to form the insulation.

This wool is home compostable and biodegradable, suitable to place in your home green garden bin or to bury in your backyard. Alternatively, click here for more information on how to re-use, recycle and repurpose all the packaging components of your delivery