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What wood do you use?

We use Beechwood chips for all our smoking. Beechwood is a hardwood producing a light smoke that is deliciously mellow and sweet. 

How do I store DF Smoke Haus products?

Pouches last for weeks in the fridge, and may be frozen for up to 4 months (ideal in the esky for camping), to be reheated and consumed within 5 days of defrost.

How can I prepare Smoke Haus Products?

For best results packs can be quickly heated within its food-safe pouch in the microwave or in hot water on the stove. Refer to each product page and pouch label for its specific heating instructions.

Products may be removed from the pouch and reheated, although as they are already cooked, only a gentle heat to a minimum of 60oC is needed. When preparing products removed from the pouch, moisture will be lost and affect product quality and consistency. To minimise this, add small amounts of water while reheating.

What if I don't want to use the whole packet?

The pouch maybe opened, removing the portion you would like to use. Heat in a sealed microwaveable container, or with some water in a small pot, pan or in the oven, until steaming hot.

The remaining product can be kept in the fridge for up to 3-5 days, just reheat before use.

Helpful Preparation Tips

  • Microwaving method
  • Use a sharp knife to poke at least 2 holes in the top surface. This allows steam to escape during heating and means your pouch won’t pop!
        • Place the pouch on a plate, as it will be too hot to handle directly after heating
        • Be careful when removing from microwave as the plate may also be hot.
        • Rest to ensure the hot steam has cooled off.
  • Stove Top method
        • Place pouch in a large pot so that the pack is fully submerged. Pouch corners may be bent to fit into the pot.
        • Use cold tap water to start the heating, if you use hot water you will need to increase the simmer time.
        • Some packs may float due to pockets of air inside or bubbles rising from underneath. As long as the pouch is kept mostly under the boiling water this is OK, extend the simmer time by 1 minute.
        • Use tongs to transfer the pouch to a plate.
  • Opening the Pouch
        • Careful, the pouch may contain excess steam which is hot. 
        • Use scissors to carefully cut off the top seal of the pouch.
  • Pulling the Pouch
      • Holding the base of the pouch, gently pull on the pouch to slide the product onto its plate or into a bowl.
      • Mix through to spread the delicious juices, and serve while hot!

    How long do DF Smoke Haus products last after opening?

    Pouches and leftovers should be kept refrigerated at all times, and consumed within 5 days after opening.

    What does 100% Natural Mean?

    For us, 100% Natural means that there are no ingredients that you wouldn’t expect to find in backyard home-smoked products: no E-numbers, and definitely no chemical based additives.

    This means we don’t use any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, thickeners, starches, gums, or acidity regulators in our products, which we are very proud of.

    Can I freeze my products?

    Yes, except for Mushrooms*, our smoked meats and plants may be frozen without affecting product quality or performance. 

    Products  may be frozen for up to 4 months, to be reheated and consumed within 5 days of defrost.

    Freezing is an excellent idea for camping: pulled pork burgers in the bush: Yum!

    Ensure you defrost fully before following the preparation instructions.

    *Freezing Mushrooms results in a less juicy eating experience, as the freezing has damaged the plant cell walls allowing more water to escape during reheating.

    My products arrived frozen

    Except for Mushrooms, our smoked meats and plants may be frozen without affecting product quality or performance.

    After picking your order we freeze the products before shipping to ensure they arrive at a safe temperature.

    If your products are frozen, ensure they are fully defrosted prior to following the preparation instructions.

    Is DF Smoke Haus Gluten Free?

    Most of our products are tested to be Gluten Free, and none contain any added Wheat or Gluten. However some of our ingredients may contain traces of Gluten.

    If there is a potential risk of any product containing any Gluten, this will be declared on the pack label and website product information

    Is DF Smoke Haus Vegan?

    We believe in choice, and have created some fantastic Vegan Products, along with some delicious recipes to boot!

    Is DF Smoke Haus Dairy Free?

    There are currently no products containing Dairy in the range.

    If we release products containing Dairy, or if there is a potential risk of containing traces of Dairy, this will be declared on the pack label and website product information as ‘Contains Milk’, or ‘May Contain Milk’

    Does DF Smoke Haus contain Nuts?

    None of our Products contain Nuts. 

    If there is a potential risk of our Products containing traces of Nuts, this will be declared on the pack label and website product information as ‘May Contain Nuts (the specific nut types will be listed)'