500g Wood-smoked Seasoning Pouch (Jerk is 400g)


Perfect in the kitchen, on the BBQ or for the Smoker, these are the rubs we use in our wood-smoked food packs!

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Select any of the following Delicious wood-smoked seasonings:

  • 500g JS#4 All-Rounder: Our Favourite, used on 3 of our products: with a good bit of paprika and an hint of cumin and cayenne, it goes on anything.
  • 500g Savoury Garlic & Pepper: Simple but superb with only 4 ingredients, perfect for beef, veggies, seafood, eggs, and makes a perfect garlic butter.
  • 500g Sweet Onion & Pepper: Its sweet but it's GOOD, prefect on any pork, potato and chicken or ribs.
  • 500g All-Purpose Chicken & Veg: with classic thyme its perfect of chicken and vegies, but done let the name fool you, this one goes on anything: steaks, lamb, seafood and butters are all on the cards.
  • 400g Spicy Jamaican Jerk: With 14 herbs and spices, this one is next level. Make amazing Jerk chicken or pork, and did someone say grilled pineapple?!